Mashonaland Central Province

SOS Bindura Programme location

Situated ninety kilometres to the North of the capital city Harare, is the SOS Children’s Villages Bindura location. It is situated in a primarily mining and farming town of Bindura.

Bindura Family Based Care Programme

The Children’s Village opened its doors to children in 1983, and is currently home to 130 children. There are 15 family houses with each house under the care of a dedicated mother being supported by a team of co-workers performing various tasks to foster child development by addressing survival and development rights of care (direct care, protection, food and nutrition, and shelter), education (formal, non-formal and informal education) and health (preventive and curative health care and psycho-social support). The village also supports an additional forty-three foster children registered under the department of child welfare as children in need of assistance.

Older teenage children are supported to choose vocational training geared to their abilities and live outside the village in preparation for independent adult life. Currently the programme has 64 youth at their various stages of development. The Youth Programme offers self-development opportunities for the young adults.

Bindura Family Strengthening Programme

Established in 2003, the Bindura Family Strengthening programme has gained vast experience working in different community environments. It supports 500 children from Manhenga (rural), 565 children from Maizelands (farming) and 3500 children from Bindura urban communities. In 2014, FSP Bindura moved into new areas in Mashonaland Central’s Shamva District, targeting Shamva North and South constituencies. The programme currently works with 585 households in supporting 966 children. Its approach is based on sustainability of communities through networking and partnering with existing community structures and other development agencies.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary & High School Bindura

Situated in Bindura’s vulnerable Chiwaridzo community, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary and Secondary Schools have provided quality education to vulnerable children sponsored through SOS Children’s Villages. The schools cater for children mainly resident in the low income neighbourhoods of Chipadze, Chipindura, and Chiwaridzo. The school are well integrated into the community with approximately 50% of their enrolment comprising children from the surrounding areas.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School has a total enrolment of 887 pupils (432 boys and 455 girls). The school has proved critical in providing award-winning quality education in a community hard hit by Zimbabwe’s economic hardships. In addition to its academic programmes, the school offers a well-rounded sporting curriculum including basketball, tennis; hockey, volleyball, soccer, cricket and netball. Choral music, Percussion and Traditional dance are also offered.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner High School (HGHS) Bindura has been in operating for over 20 years and has a current enrolment of the school of 1022 (524 boys and 498 girls. In addition to the Ordinary and Advanced level academic programmes, the school offers a flagship vocational education programme. The programme enables its pupils to obtain nationally recognised professional vocational certification. It also capacitates pupils to with skills for building small scale business start-ups after completing high school.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School Maizelands

The Maizelands school is found in the farming area between Bindura and Shamva. It has an enrolment of 1018 children.

These are mainly children of poor farm labourers and illegal gold panners from the surrounding community. Often these children face significant challenges towards attaining basic education such as the inability to afford school fees, child labour, late enrolment, and long distances to the nearest schools (some children walk approximately eight kilometres daily to get to school).

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