Harare Metropolitan Province

SOS Waterfalls Programme location

Situated fourteen kilometres south of the capital city Harare CBD, is the SOS Children’s Villages Waterfalls location.

Waterfalls Family Care Programme

The Children’s Village opened its doors to orphans and vulnerable children in 1988, and is currently home to 130 children. There are 15 family houses with each house under the care of a dedicated mother being supported by a team of co-workers performing various tasks to foster child development by addressing survival and development rights of care (direct care, protection, food and nutrition, and shelter), education (formal, non-formal and informal education) and health (preventive and curative health care and psycho-social support). The village also supports an additional forty-three foster children registered under the department of childcare as children under foster care in need of assistance.

SOS Waterfalls Kindergarten and Primary School

In an effort to offer essential services to support children under SOS care and those of the surrounding communities, SOS Children’s Villages Waterfalls operates state of the art ECD and primary school education with the former enrolling a total of 145 children while the latter has an enrolment of over 700 children.

National Staff Training Centre

The Centre is the hub for all learning and development needs within the organisation providing trainings to SOS mothers, and co-workers. Conference facilities are also available for hire to corporates and NGOs.

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