Bulawayo Metropolitan Province

SOS Children’s Village Bulawayo Programme location

SOS Children’s Village Bulawayo is situated along the Victoria Falls road five kilometres south of the city centre. Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe.

Bulawayo Family Based Care Programme

The SOS Children’s Village opened its doors to orphans and vulnerable children in 1996 and is currently home to 127 children. There are 15 family houses with each house under the care of a dedicated mother being supported by a team of co-workers performing various tasks to foster child development by addressing survival and development rights of care (direct care, protection, food and nutrition, and shelter), education (formal, non-formal and informal education) and health (preventive and curative health care and psycho-social support). The village also supports an additional sixty-five foster children registered under the department of childcare as children under foster care in need of assistance.

Older teenage children are then moved to the Youth Programme located within the village in preparation for independent adult living outside the village. Currently the programme has 67 youth at their various stages of development. The Youth Programme offers self-development opportunities for the young adults.

Bulawayo Family Strengthening Programme

As a way of preventing loss of family and strengthening families that have lost their bread winners, SOS Children’s Villages Bulawayo Family Strengthening Programme started its operations in 2003 and reaches out to more than 2,000 children in surrounding low income communities. Families receive assistance under the three pillars of support namely direct essential services to support the child (e.g. education), capacity building to support care-givers, families, communities and other duty bearers and service providers and advocacy to improve the overall framework conditions of the target group. Partnerships have been forged with other NGOs, governmental departments and the business community in walking this road which has given birth to two fully functional Community Based Organisations and thousands of independent youths who have received educational assistance through to tertiary level.

SOS Bulawayo Kindergarten and Primary School

In an effort to offer essential services to support children under SOS care and those of the surrounding communities, SOS Children’s Villages Bulawayo operates state of the art educational institutions offering early child development and primary school education with an enrolment of a total of 145 children while the latter has an enrolment of over 807 children.

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