Transforming & Strengthening Families

14 July 2021

Vulnerability deprives children of something as simple as choice but through SOSCVZ’s family strengthening program,Ntombikhayise’s children have been granted the power of choice-to acquire an education. Ishmael had no option but to miss school for years because her single mother could not afford to take him and his little brother to school.
Ntombikhayise is a single mother of two boys Ishmael (15) and Wisdom (10). She was unemployed and could not afford to continue paying for her children’s school fees until SOSCVZ came to her rescue. SOS CVZ settled all accrued primary school fees from Ishmael’s school, he managed to collect his grade 7 results and is now enrolled for form 1 at a local high school in Magwegwe. SOSCVZ also enrolled Wisdom for grade 1 at the age of 10 because he had never been to school.
“I want to thank SOSCVZ because I thought my child’s education had gone to the dogs. I had lost all hope and thought my child would end up herding cattle in the rural areas but SOS CVZ gave me hope. My children are now in school and Ishmael dreams of becoming a builder or a doctor. I am so thankful that my kids have a future now that they are in school,” Ntombikhayise said.
SOS CVZ not only put Ntombikhayise’s children in school but also supported her to start a project to sustain her livelihood. SOS CVZ took Ntombikhayise and other 29 people for pine gel production training, provided them with ingredients to make their own stock for resale. “I joined this pine gel production project because I wanted to be self-sustaining so that I could be able to provide for my children.” After the training she made 30 litres of pine gel and has sold 10 litres to date in Magwegwe at US$1, for a 400ml bottle. “I am now able to provide food for my kids because of this project. I am so grateful to SOSCVZ for empowering me to be able to sustain my family. Vulnerable children have dreams too!” she concluded.

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