Defying all Odds presented by COVID 19 Pandemic

19 November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced uncertainty into major aspects of national and global society, including for schools. For example, school closures last year impacted heavily on student achievement. Even now, education leaders must grapple with seemingly impossible choices that balance health risks associated with in-person learning against the educational needs of children, which may be better served when kids are in their physical schools.
Despite all the challenges paused by the COVID 19 Pandemic we are elated to report that our twin children (Gerald and Geraldine - not their real names pictured below) defied all odds, scoring 5 (highest grade at grade 7) and 6 units respectively in their 2020 Grade 7 exams. "My options for research were limited, schools were closed for the better half of 2020 and I had unstable network connection but my SOS mother invested a lot. She got me books and assisted with revision", cited Geraldine. Her brother Gerald added "Our support for each other saw us through. Since we were toddlers we always challenge and motivate each other. 2020 was a tough year as we were grappling with preparing for examinations and on the other hand trying to understand and live with the new monster COVID 19".
During the interview their mother could not hide her joy. She highlighted that as a mother she felt proud of her twins, the road was not easy as she has four other children she takes care of. She thanked all friends of SOS Children's Villages Zimbabwe for investing in vulnerable children and giving them a chance to Education. To all our donors and sponsors, your effort is not in vein!!! Kindly get in touch so that we ensure every child grows with love, respect and security

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