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23 May 2020

Luckson Kadungure is a young man aged 20 and he is the eldest in a family of five children. Luckson has solely taken the responsibility of fending for the family considering that his father is mentally challenged. His father has been in this condition for almost 15 years and this has made it virtually impossible for him to support his family. Luckson’s mother is not gainfully employed and has found it impossible to look for a job as her husband requires constant attention due to his mental condition.
The young man did not make it far in his academic studies having gone up to grade six level; he has however proven to be very talented in Agriculture business. Luckson is very passionate about agriculture and works tirelessly to produce quality vegetables in his horticulture project. Considering the situation at home, he decided to rise up to the occasion and raise his siblings as well as bring food on the table. The young man implored “Of all the Income generating projects I have settled for horticulture because food security is key for any community and country hence I will put extra effort in order to make ends meet.”
“Luckson is a hard working young man who matured early and has taken the responsibility of fending for his family” said Mr  Miti the village head. He has managed to send his siblings to school; the teachers testified that he provides school provisions for his siblings on time; stationary, school uniforms as well as school fees. Luckson’s horticulture project has been very successful to an extent that he generates income to buy food and other necessities at home. A lot of people in his community have testified on the ambition of Luckson in making sure that his family is well taken care of.

Although the burden seems to be too much for him, Luckson been fortunate enough to get support from SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe (SOSCVZ), through our Family Strengthening Programme. SOSCVZ has complemented the efforts of this young man by providing a water pump as well as an assortment of garden tools for his garden. The young man was overwhelmed with this kindness and well wishing of SOSCVZ as he also received poly pipes, seed and fertilizers so that his garden would flourish. The support has motivated Luckson and boosted his moral in gardening. This has also promoted his full engagement in the horticulture project and he was so grateful, “This support has uplifted my spirit and I am looking forward to bumper harvests in the coming seasons.”

Luckson's siblings participating in gardening activities


Equipment and agricultural inputs support from SOSCVZ

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