Sanitation and Empowerment: A Win-Win for Hwedza Ward 4

Sanitation and Empowerment: A Win-Win for Hwedza Ward 4

At SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe Waterfalls Family Strengthening Program, we believe that every child deserves access to a safe and healthy environment, both in and out of the classroom. That’s why we’re committed to improving sanitation and hygiene practices in communities across Zimbabwe.

Recently, our team has been working with Tongogara Primary school in Hwedza ward 4 to build a brand new, 20-hole Bair Ventilated Improved Pit latrine. This project has not only provided a much-needed facility for the students, but also promotes good hygiene practices and reduced the risk of waterborne illnesses.

What’s truly remarkable about this project is the level of community participation and women involvement. From the beginning, we worked closely with the school’s pupils, teachers, and parents by educating them on the design and construction of the latrine. This not only ensured that the facility met the community’s needs, but also helped to build a sense of ownership and responsibility.

The new latrine will provide a safe and clean space for students to use, reducing the risk of accidents and incidents. Perhaps most importantly, this project is empowering to women in the community. Many of them are involved in the construction process, from ferrying sand and water to the building site. This gave them a sense of pride and ownership in their community’s development.

‘We are so grateful to SOS Children’s Villages Waterfalls FSP for their support, said one of the mothers who was involved in the project. ‘This latrine will make a huge difference in our community. We are proud to be playing a role in its construction and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our children’s health and well-being.’

At SOS Children’s Villages Waterfalls FSP, we believe that education and community engagement are key to creating lasting change. By working together with local communities, we can identify their needs and develop solutions that meet those needs. We’re proud to be making a difference in the lives of children and families across Zimbabwe, one project at a time.

We hope this story inspires you to join us in our mission to improve sanitation and empower communities across Zimbabwe. Donate today and help us make a difference in the lives of children like those at Tongogara Primary school.