Recognizing Excellence: Award nomination for SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe National Director (Zimbabwe CEO Network C-Suite and Corporate Governance Excellence Awards

Recognizing Excellence: Award nomination for SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe National Director (Zimbabwe CEO Network C-Suite and Corporate Governance Excellence Awards

The Zimbabwe CEO’s Network nominated Mr. Addmore Makunura, National Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe, for the award: OUTSTANDING COUNTRY DIRECTOR WHO EMBODIES PROFICIENCY, CONSISTENCY, STEWARDSHIP and IMPECCABLE PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS for his exceptional work in advocating for children’s rights and providing care for vulnerable children in the country and significant contributions in the NGO sector over the years. Despite the recognition being an individual award, Addmore attributes the award to the concerted, consistent and collective efforts of the co-workers of SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe who work relentlessly to protect the well-being of children who have lost parental care or are at risk of losing it.

In a statement regarding the award, Addmore expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgment of the work done by SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe. He emphasized that he believes the real achievements that he is proud of are the role of the organisation in influencing government policy on childcare, establishing partnerships for advocacy, transforming communities through significant investments targeting their needs and professionalizing the roles of care professionals. These couldn’t have been achieved without dedicated team efforts. He believes that leading the organization is the highest honour of his life and that no award can replace the joy and privilege of serving key populations of concern. ‘Our efforts in sustainability and collaboration with government have not gone unnoticed, and we are proud to be recognized for our contributions to childcare and youth empowerment in Zimbabwe.’

One of the significant achievements highlighted by Mr. Makunura is the construction of Maizelands Secondary School with support from the Japanese Embassy. This school has provided education and opportunities for many young people in Shamva district. Additionally, efforts are underway to build another school in Hwedza, following a grant received in February 2024 from the Japanese Embassy. These initiatives show the dedication of SOS Children’s Villages towards the provision of quality education for marginalized communities.

SOS Children’s Villages has contributed immensely to income-generating activities for rural schools, as well as providing solar-powered classrooms and community ICT hubs for youth empowerment. The objective is to meaningfully equip young people with the necessary skills for entrepreneurship, employability and self-sustenance, thus resolving the challenges of exclusion and vulnerability they may face.

SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe boasts of its very effective and innovative residential care model (family like care) developed through the SOS International Federation over the past 75 years. The government of Zimbabwe have also adopted Family like Care as the supreme standard for all residential Institutions in Zimbabwe to aspire for and comply with as part of the National Residential Care guidelines.

Advocacy initiatives have been undertaken by the organisation for Care leavers resulting in the ongoing drafting of the Care Leavers bill. These efforts demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that the voices of vulnerable children are heard and that their rights are protected.

Overall, the nomination for the award by the Zimbabwe CEO Network serves as a validation of the impactful work being done by SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe. Mr. Addmore Makunura’s humility in accepting the recognition on behalf of the organization and his dedication to serving vulnerable children reflect the core values of the organization. The commitment of SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe to advocacy, education, and empowerment continues to make a difference in the lives of children in need, showcasing the power of collective effort and compassion in creating a brighter future for all.

As Addmore put it, “Leading SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe is the highest honour of my life and no award can ever substitute the joy and the privilege bestowed on us to serve in this organization.”