Sponsor a Child

You can change the life of an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child by giving them a loving home with an SOS mother, and family. For the child still living with their family,  your help ensures that needy families have food, shelter, education and a safe home environment.

Make a lasting difference in the life of a child today. Create a positive future where a vulnerable child has a second chance in life.
When you become a child sponsor, you receive:

  • A welcome packet including information about our SOS Villages and community programmes
  • Progress reports directly from our colleagues in the field.

Why you? Because the child you sponsor can become tomorrow’s neurosurgeon, president, teacher or pilot.  Fill out the form to the right and begin to change a life.

For local giving:

Ecocash mobile money transfer

  • Dial *151#
  • Option: Make payment
  • Option: Pay merchant
  • Merchant code: 81775

For local and international giving:

Donate online via PayNow using Visa, MasterCard, EcoCash or TeleCash.


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