Family Strengthening Programme


Families experiencing crises or extreme hardship may have difficulty caring adequately for their children. We work with families and communities to help them build their capacities so that children are well cared for and families stay together. SOS Children's Villages' Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) is a community outreach programme responding to the recognition that children are better placed to develop within their communities of origin. The FS Programme supports orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) by providing community based family preservation services. It uses a family based model to support OVCs to build the resilience of vulnerable families and strengthen their capacity to support the development and care of vulnerable children. SOS Children's Villages Zimbabwe also empowers grassroots organisations (such as community based organisations and faith based organisations), children and young people, to support, and advocate on behalf of, their communities. Its work is streamlined within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


SOSCVZ interventions focus on increasing access to quality primary, secondary, and tertiary education.
It also seeks to enable a conducive learning environment in primary and secondary schools for children and young people; and supporting schools to be able to provide quality education to its learners especially those coming from low income families.



SOSCVZ work towards empowering families and their communities to sustainably care and protect their children through enabling access to livelihood opportunities and affordable credit for micro-enterprise. Economic resilience of caregivers has proven to be a critical success factor in their ability to care for their children and in the prevention of family disintegration. 

Child Safeguarding

SOSCVZ focuses on four key action areas of child safeguarding, namely, awareness, prevention, reporting and responding. Special emphasis is placed on awareness and prevention to safeguard children and improve the quality of the care they receive. In case of a reported child safeguarding concern, it is taken seriously and addressed without delay. This includes building the capacities of co-workers, children, young people and families to recognise signs of abuse –  and how to prevent it; teaching the use of tools such as positive discipline and working to eliminate harmful cultural practices.


SOSCVZ promotes access to curative health care for children and their care givers. Families are supported with financial support for treatment at government health institutions. In addition, SOSCVZ conducts health awareness campaigns in areas such as Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), and drug and substance abuse as part of its preventive health care initiative.




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