Dear SOSCVZ Friends and Stakeholders!

30 June 2021

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has led authorities to take necessary measures to ensure citizens’ health and safety. SOS Children’s Villages’ Zimbabwe staff is committed to take all possible steps to protect children and assist families in vulnerable situations. The emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed the world as we know it. Many of us are worried with all the uncertainties it brings. Despite the COVID-19 crisis affecting our country and the world at large, SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe has taken proactive and preventive measures to ensure vulnerable children, young people and families get the support they need during the pandemic. Over the last few months, the children and young people have continued to adapt to the changes linked with the pandemic. SOS families adhere to the preventive measures and guidance put in place by the World Health Organisation and the local authority. Everyday children and young people are sensitised about coronavirus and how to protect themselves and others. SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe knows that each child needs someone to be there, to care of them, to listen to, comfort them, and to support them as they grow. “I would like thank all our stakeholders and sponsors for being with us during this difficult time. We saw a number of sponsors coming on board to support the more than 500 children under our care during the better half of the year. With the beautiful smile on the children’s faces comes hope. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness! The enclosed articles in this newsletter highlight the impact of our stakeholders’ and sponsors’ support on children and families during a particularly challenging year. We continue to call on corporates, communities and individuals to action.Let us step up to our collective responsibility of caring for vulnerable children! Together we can ensure that every child is empowered to succeed in our rapidly changing world. We hope the stories of families and children whose lives were transformed through our work will brighten your days!

Addmore Makunura – National Director

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