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5 December 2014

At last our website is live!  A big thank you to all those who helped make it possible.

SOS Children’s Villages, Zimbabwe has found a place on the World Wide Web AND I have a place where I can share my thoughts with you on children who need our support.  In fact all children need nurturing and protection, but for children who have lost their parents and even their extended family, how much more do they need help in finding their way through childhood to become adults?.  This is our cue - you and me!

I am leading an organisation that gives children that second chance; a family in an SOS Children’s Village that replaces the one they lost or we strengthen the extended family of children who might end up with no family at all.  This is the kind of response that requires commitment from us as a non-profit, from the State and from you as an individual or corporate citizen or custodian of public funds.  We all have our part to play.

The big question is WHY?  As individuals and as an expression of gratitude for your own good fortune in having a family, you reach out to those who do not.  Their plight is just too awful for you to imagine.  You’re human – you empathise and you take action.  Corporate citizenship requires that you invest funds in causes that are close to your business and for which you expect to see a return in the form of positive results and outcomes.  Public funds invested in a partnership seek to strengthen society – our Zimbabwean society.  Strong families for children and national will to fullfill children’s rights make for a better society for us all.

My answer to “Why do you do what you do?” is that I am building a stronger Zimbabwe by helping children, especially the orphaned and vulnerable, to realise their potential and make their unique contribution to our country.  The best environment for children is the enabler for that next generation.  Nelson Mandela, Africa’s greatest leader, had this to say:

Every now and then, a generation is called upon to be great.  You can be that great generation.

This has to be our call to young Zimbabweans to day.

Many thanks.


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