Celebrating Young Changemakers: Meet Darlington Chaparadza

13 August 2021

I founded COMMUNITY ZONE ORGANIZATION, in 2017, which is a youth led initiative that focuses more on helping young people that have lost hope towards achieving their own dreams through youth oriented activities such debating, public speaking entrepreneurship training, motivational talks, charity work, sports and arts. As an organisation, I have managed to reach out to a number of young people in my society physically and virtually.
Currently, we are paying tuition fees for at least 12 young people at primary, secondary and high school levels. We have conducted more than 30 online entrepreneurship and life-coaching programs to assist my dear colleagues.
I learnt new ways of earning some few dollars for myself. Starting my poultry project with only $60 USD capital which brought me a profit of more than $250 USD. With this profit earned from the chickens, I am currently building a pigsty which will accommodate 3 big pigs and piglets. I also started a mini tuck shop business with $40 USD where I sell basic groceries to my community. This business yielded a profit of more than $150 USD.
SOS Children’s Villages taught me to work very hard and to be my brothers and sisters keeper so with the little same profit which I’m getting from the chicken project and the tuck shop business, I am currently paying tuition fees for at least 12 young people in my community so that they also acquire the same knowledge which I received through SOS Children’s Villages.
Darlington finished his studies in 2020, where he was pursing his bachelor’s degree in Human resources management at Great Zimbabwe University and managed to secure himself a job at Eagle House International School as the Human Resource and Administrator. He is planning to continue with his Master’s degree in Business Administration when he is financially stable or when opportunity or a scholarship comes his way. He has also managed to acquire other academic certificates of entreprenuership and business development (YALI), marketing and communications (IBMI) and computer packages and operations (HEXCO). Darlington also got selected for various programs such as Youth Power, Changemakersxchange Program, Ignite Youth Awards, Young African Leadership Initiatives and Grand Initiative Africa.

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