Honourable Minister Prof. Mavhima's Visit to SOS Children's Village-Bindura

3 June 2021

On Thursday 3 June 2021, the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Honourable Professor Paul Mavhima toured SOS Children’s Villages Bindura location. The Minister visited 3 out of the 15 houses which accommodates a number of children aged between 1-18 years. The Minister interacted with SOS mothers and children under care at SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe-SOSCVZ Bindura village. He had breakfast in one of the village houses. Some of children shared their aspirations in life as well as their experience under the care of SOSCVZ. The SOSCVZ Board Chairman, Reverend Mancama expressed his gratitude to the parent Ministry for continued support, he however highlighted challenges SOCVZ has been facing in obtaining civil status documents for the children. He highlighted that 90 children under the care of SOSCVZ did not have birth certificates despite applications having been submitted to the responsible authority. Honourable. Mavhima assured Reverend Mancama that he would look into the matter as “No eligible Zimbabwean should be left without citizenship. He impressed that it was every Zimbabwean’s right to have civil status. Honourable Mavhima concluded the tour by having lunch prepared by SOS Mothers at Bindura village. The Minister echoed that it was his wish to see the SOSCVZ’s engineering training centre fully operational and expressed his wish to see SOSCVZ children excel even after leaving care. The Honourable Minister was accompanied on the tour by Department of Social Development Deputy Director, Mr. Zimhunga, the Director of Finance and Administration and two senior officials from the Department of Social Development.

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