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SOS Children’s Villages in Zimbabwe provides alternative care options to over 520 children and young people who through no fault of their own have lost parental care. Children of different ages and backgrounds live together in a house with a full time SOS mother who is carefully recruited and goes through extensive training to ensure she can provide for them a home where they grow with the bonds they need to become their strongest selves. Over the years we have provided holistic quality childcare and protection to over 17 363 orphaned, neglected, abandoned and or abused children so that they have the opportunity to grow into responsible and contributing members of society.

The SOS Parent builds emotional bond with each child entrusted in her care and provides the security, love and stability they need. As a childcare professionals he respects and recognizes each child’s background, cultural roots and religion.

Girls and boys of different age groups live together as siblings. Biological siblings are not separated when placed at the village. The peaceful village community has a model function for the neighbourhood where children are given the opportunity to grow up in a caring and secure family environment.


The SOS Children’s Villages Family Strengthening programme works in vulnerable communities with families and children at risk of losing parental care, to reduce their vulnerability and ensure the children remain in the safety net of their families. Family Strengthening works directly with families and communities to help them to effectively protect and care for their children, in collaboration with local authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

Beneficiary families are empowered through capacity building and acquisition of entrepreneurial skills to enable them to respond to the needs of children in their care. Since the inception of the programme in 2005, over 21300 children and 10100 care givers have been supported. Currently we are working in the communities of Chitungwiza, Shamva and Bulawayo: 6374 children and 3083 young people are receiving direct support including , nutrition , education, health and income generating projects.