‘The Genesis Project - Water and Light for SOS Maizelands Primary School
The Genesis Project is so named as it is the first step to enabling self-sustainability of SOS Maizelands primary school and its surrounding community.

Maizelands SOS Primary School

In the farming area between Bindura and Shamva there is a primary school, SOS Maizelands with an enrollment of approximately 1011 children. This is an impoverished farming community where children walk many kilometres to school every day often without shoes. Some children wake up as early as 3am every weekday to get to school on time.

The Need

Please give Maizelands Primary School a new lease on life. Do not let your school die! This school has many needs including:

  • 2 boreholes for water.
  • Solar power system for electricity – there are constant power outages at the school. In addition, the costs of electricity are a challenge as the parents at the school cannot afford to pay for the school’s running costs.

What will this project mean for Maizelands Primary School?

Phase 1 - Innovation: Installation of solar panels and invertors for powering boreholes, classroom lighting and teachers’ accommodation.

Phase 2 - Empowerment: Once the school has easy access to water and electricity, we are able to:

  • Educate the children in agriculture/horticultural projects as part of the school curriculum.
  • Engage in large scale horticultural and poultry farming for the school’s own sustainability
  • Run evening literacy and entrepreneurship classes targeting youth school drop-outs in the community

Phase 3 - Entrepreneurship and sustainability

  • The youth enrolled under the literacy programme will work in the SOS poultry and horticulture project in exchange for literacy and entrepreneurship classes.

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